She sounded like an angel when she cried

Let’s take pictures of the sun…while painting everything in shades of green. Show me three ways to the tower of lost hope and change the chirping of the paralyzed birds into blue raindrops. Follow me after that. Make sure I end up where everything lies still. Tie my hands behind my back. Don’t blink… I might disappear between flowers and blossomed trees. Give me the instruments I need to dissect every vibration that reaches my eardrum.

Let’s run away. Let’s see what there is to see. Look… a shade you haven’t used yet. Green flowing from the blue skies… green floating in the air… green.

Sing! Scream! Feel?!… Flee! Go… stay… away! Show me and leave. Don’t go… before talking what’s yours. It’s small and black like a… it’s not even that. “there’s nothing here that belongs to me…”

I KNOW… I know… honey and tar… darkness, speeches, raped poetry and crusoeic idolatry. Lost forever and ever, in the corner of a small shelf in the back of your mind, slowly but surely transgressing the order of normality to carcinogenic pleasure. You Will.

Like ropes I rode you…



~ by Death Whisper on January 13, 2012.

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