… me… I hear from everyone around. People have a strange way of dancing around building this before mentioned variable. Pale arguments, illogical representations of elements, disturbed inside their heads by the interaction with you, tend to pour out of their entities, caressing your personality, trying to make you feel comfortable in every way.

Tell me your weaknesses, your soft spots, I want to get to know you better so that smoothness covers our interaction like the blanket of snow does on winter with every stone, hiding it from view to the passers by, But from time to time, someone hits their foot on the stone, cursing to high heavens everything he or she holds dear.

Why? You should deal with everything that bothers the other person and yourself as well. Suffering is the only way to get over things, of receiving closure. Brooming the stones off the pavement. Catharsis. Selfishness (everybody has it, and will always have it).

Never trust. Never tell. Never speak truthfully. never ask, for you will be asked in return. Always deduce, control the dialogue, make the other speak.

“Tell me where it hurts”










Never trust anybody.

Never trust yourself, actually. Your actions, your thoughts, your imagination or perception.

Always triangulate. Always prove…

Today… tomorrow, always… a trilogy of love from AVON.


~ by Death Whisper on September 10, 2012.

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  1. ..reminded me of this

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