We are addicted to pleasure… We all are…

Trying to find out other people’s pleasures… now that’s interesting. Why would you do that, you ask? Just try and imagine an answer. I won’t give you one. Just because you already know my answer… in the back of your mind… lurking in the darkness, pulsating like a sore bump… It might frighten you a little if you’re faint-hearted and it should… trust me…

Yes… the process of finding out those pleasures is more fascinating than the pleasures themselves… Digging through the social awkwardness built in time over pleasures, pleasure spots and wishes is an a very interesting way of getting to know someone… even though you might have known him or her for almost a decade… You should try it. But not being intrusive… that’s an art… Making the other one feel like you are planning on making those wishes, hidden pleasures reality… is another step in everything that needs to be done so that interaction in itself can become pleasurable… A hug here, a hug there, metaphorically speaking, of course…. playing with probabilities and possibilities, advocating scenarios is mind blowing. You might also find new things about yourself, along the way. Sub-systems of your pleasure area you haven’t reached yet. Your age doesn’t matter, believe me. Age is just an etiquette, a formal representation.

Give it a try. With others… or just let someone else try it on you. You might be surprised about what’s lurking deep down in the recesses of your mind.



~ by Death Whisper on October 3, 2012.

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