So sure that they are heaven bound…

I heard something from a debate, not so long ago, about the impossibility of the existence of good and evil, of moral values in the absence of a higher being (i. e. God) in the context of a creationist argumentative thread. You can hear everything here. If you have the time and patience, that is, to listen to the ramblings of both debaters. one, more so than the other, I feel.

I won’t even try to compare what happens during the debate to anything I happened to come across in my puny existence, although it gave me an insight on my own speech style, and a deeper understanding on what being what I am truly comes to interact with others and such.

Take the “you are young (and strong)” title of the picture. A cliché I came to hear many times during the past not so few months.  No, I’m not. I’m decomposing in a lively manner, actually. But who am I to say anything? Oh… Me.

Nature dies every year, all around us. We kill ourselves daily, just by living each day in a monochromatic conceptual treasure hunt. We try to convince ourselves of the validity of our beliefs, sometimes imposing them on others as well, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing if we had the arguments to do so, as well as the good tactics. Peace of mind is easy to get if you don’t account for the ravages it creates around you.

You are young, you have enough time to do whatever your mind is capable of thinking.

“You can lie to yourself and your minions…” but not to me. I know who and what I am, even if I lied to myself to get to think who I am at the moment. And if I’m not, all the gods of whatever religion it is you want to invoke won’t be able to change my mind.  They are just concepts anyway.

Strong? I wouldn’t know. I don’t feel strong. I don’t want to be strong. I wish I didn’t have to be (perception from the outside). Vulnerability…  now that’s something to crave for…   too bad it also needs someone else. One is always the king of his castle when he’s by him/herself. Vulnerability is a thing that implies some other (human) being.


Tell me where it hurts… I can take it. I am young and strong after all…


~ by Death Whisper on December 5, 2013.

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