unique esperance


One more thing and the dream would be complete. One more step and we would be up there with the Gods… one more breath of fresh air to keep going. One more drop of wine to make us dizzy and cheerful, hopeful and ignorant. One more electron to change the configuration of our universe. One more hug from the person we could love to taste “heaven”. One more touch for shivers to run down my spine down to the dark recesses of my cold, black little soul. Just one more petal on the beast’s enchanted rose. One more note for the symphony to be complete… and one more friend so that I can’t say I’m alone. One more smile to change a gloomy Sunday into a good Friday. One more sunbeam for a perfect day. One more look for me to fall down at your feet. Just one more time…

Because there is no reality (worth observing).


~ by Death Whisper on January 9, 2014.

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