Somethin’s amiss

Why do they always smile and lay silent?

There comes a time when one interacts with such powerful examples of functional hows referring to ways of interacting with the world around that one feels that one should re-evaluate one’s own pillars of perception.

A voice keeps whispering from one of the dark corners. No, honey, not you. You shall more than likely blossom (in a soon – a very powerful word for word translation, for some Romanian friends of mine know why).

Why dream of the world when one could recreate it? One could merely flick a wrist and most of the zombies, caught in the web of deceit and lies also known as life (through it’s mundane existence) would whither and fade from any/all records.

One will merely start taking things as they are perceived, not as one wished they were.

Jimmy Carr said at some point: “Do you think when a stripper gets home thinks to him/herself: ‘Darn, more work’?”

How must words feel when they retire for the night, in Silence, behind the shadow of darkness knowing very well what they were created to do and realising what meaning they ended up holding as the sun was disappearing behind the forest?

You might choose to say you’re made of star dust, but you know as well as one does. We’re both, just nuclear waste.

How dare you not sleep, when everybody thinks they’re awake?


~ by Death Whisper on February 14, 2015.

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