but think twice…


A part of me died last week; “the last part of what made me feel human”, I said to someone. The last shreds of human affection I had, abruptly transformed into social norm, common sense and obligation. Rerunning all aspects of this wonderful weekend in mind, sickens me. Won’t lay them down on this virtual page, as these are things one won’t allow to be forgotten, as they mark the rift between ages and between social groups; me and everyone else.

Sad that this had to be the context to reveal all those burning frustrations with the lack of excellence, human depth and self esteem.

I wish I could call it a step towards maturity, but I will only interpret it as shit-slapping and disengage.

I really do hope ISIS will gather the strength necessary to destroy everything in its path beyond these wretched lands. We deserve to burn as a nation and everything we’re associated with. We never took responsibility for anything. At least then, we’ll have someone to blame.

And we will burn. One way or the other. There’s no doubt about it.

Either way, we’re smoldering.

Ha, ha, ha! Bless your soul! (Gnarls Barkley |Crazy|)


~ by Death Whisper on May 31, 2016.

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